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Could the new EU AI Act stifle genAI innovation in Europe? A new study says it could

“The EU’s AI Act needs to be closely monitored to avoid overburdening innovative AI developers… with unnecessary red tape,” one industry body warns.   Europe’s growing generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) landscape is highly competitive, but additional regulation could stifle innovation, a new study has found. The report by Copenhagen Economics said that there are no […]

Draft UN resolution on AI aims to make it ‘safe and trustworthy’

A new draft resolution aims to close the digital divide on artificial intelligence. The United States is spearheading the first United Nations resolution on artificial intelligence (AI), aimed at ensuring the new technology is “safe, secure and trustworthy” and that all countries, especially those in the developing world, have equal access. The draft General Assembly […]

EU Policy. Lawmakers approve AI Act with overwhelming majority

Lawmakers in the European Parliament today (13 March) approved the AI Act, rules aimed at regulating AI systems according to a risk-based approach. Lawmakers in the European Parliament today (13 March) approved the AI Act, rules aimed at regulating AI according to a risk-based approach with an overwhelming majority. The law passed with 523 votes in favour, […]

EU Policy. As the EU AI Act enters into force, focus shifts to countries’ oversight appointments

Member states have 12 months to nominate national competent authorities tasked with compliance. Europe’s AI Act, the world’s first attempt to regulate AI systems according to a risk-based approach, will get the final nod in the European Parliament tomorrow (13 March), paving the way for the rules to finally enter into force. However, when it comes to […]

AI excellence thriving from the lab to the market

The Communication on boosting startups and innovation in trustworthy AI outlines concrete joint actions for the Commission and Member States to create global leadership on trustworthy AI. Strategies for developing and adopting trustworthy AI The strategic framework set out in the Communication on boosting startups and innovation in trustworthy artificial intelligence aims to foster an innovative, fair, open and […]

EU parliament greenlights landmark artificial intelligence regulations

Europe moves closer to adopting world’s first AI rules as EU lawmakers endorse provisional agreement. The European Parliament has given final approval to wide-ranging rules to govern artificial intelligence. The far-reaching regulation – the Artificial Intelligence Act – was passed by lawmakers on Wednesday. Senior European Union officials said the rules, first proposed in 2021, […]

European AI Office

The European AI Office will be the centre of AI expertise across the EU. It will play a key role in implementing the AI Act – especially for general-purpose AI – foster the development and use of trustworthy AI, and international cooperation. The European AI Office will support the development and use of trustworthy AI, while […]

Coordinated Plan on Artificial Intelligence

The Coordinated Plan on Artificial Intelligence aims to accelerate investment in AI, implement AI strategies and programmes and align AI policy to prevent fragmentation within Europe. The Coordinated Plan on Artificial Intelligence (AI) was published in 2018. It is a joint commitment between the Commission, EU Member States, Norway and Switzerland to maximise Europe’s potential to compete globally. The initial Plan […]

Commission launches AI innovation package to support Artificial Intelligence startups and SMEs

The Commission has launched this week a package of measures to support European startups and SMEs in the development of trustworthy Artificial Intelligence (AI) that respects EU values and rules. This follows the political agreement reached in December 2023 on the EU AI Act – the world’s first comprehensive law on Artificial Intelligence – which […]